Any applicant should come to B.B.T.C. & S. only on being notified by the administration.

The completed form should accompany photocopied attested transcripts.

One passport photographs should accompany the application form and one stamp size photograph for the identity card.

A written testimony of salvation experience and God's call to the ministry should accompany the application

Letter of recommendation of his/her local church should accompany the application form.


Scholarships are available for those who have been approved for admission. The student may request for a scholarship by submitting an application to the president to be considered for the following academic year.


Faithful attendance at all class periods, chapel and functions of the Institution is compulsory.

Every student is required to participate in the Gospel outreach program of the local church and the institution.

Payment of fees must be made one semester in advance for each semester.

Students must live in harmony with teachers and other students.

Anyone who causes disturbance or lives an immoral life will be dismissed.

Attendance at B.B.T.C & S is a privilege and not a right, a privilege which may be forfeited if the student is no in harmony with the Institution's policy.